Investment/Analysis Process

JK Schuman is an investment advisor and owner with proactive and realistic approach for any given scenarios to an investment opportunity.  From determination of feasibility study to the leverage analysis, JK Schuman takes logical and result-driven philosophy based on vast investment experience, leveraged perspectives, relationships and operational experience to ensure any investment opportunities will yield promised return.
Prior to any investment decisions, a team of highly experienced JK Schuman team will investigate the urban and suburban communities and markets to validate the investment qualification for JK Schuman’s comprehensive efforts and commitment that are undertaken.  JK Schuman’s investment decision is made based on following standards:

Enhancing community values reflecting demographic and market trend based on the information analysis
Compatibility of the owner and investor’s goal with JK Schuman’s perspectives on creating and enhancing of the investment value
Potential for upward and expansion of the investment in next five to seven years.
Matches with current investment circumstance and potential to capture niche market unique to the subjected investment asset.

Compatibility of the owner and investor’s goal with JK Schuman’s perspectives on creating and enhancing of the investment value.
Potential for upward and expansion of the investment in next five to seven years.Matches with current investment circumstance and potential to capture niche market unique to the subjected investment asset.

Any qualified investment opportunities will be arrayed against JK Schuman’s key standard analysis and due diligence with feedbacks from our network of real estate professionals, investors and local governments, construction contractors and prospect joint ventures.

Acquisitions & Finance

Investment Acquisitions & Finance

JK Schuman’s network has the resources to locate and guide the investors to the investment opportunities that will provide favorable positioning of the vested value through any given holding position and period.
Thorough understanding of the investment goal and purpose as well as investment options is critical part of the fundamental acquisition process.  The knowledge and expertise of JK Schuman will interpret complex market data and provide with simple turn-by-turn guidance to empower investors with confidence and peace of mind to commit to the investment opportunities. JK Schuman’s Investment Acquisition Service includes:

Financial and Asset Analysis
Cash Flow / Budget Forecasting
Operational & Capital Planning
Ownership and Accounting Structure
Sourcing, Underwriting and Financing Asset
Due Diligence
Asset and Loan Disposition


With a comprehensive understanding of the each regional market, JK Schumann’s teams of brokers develop client driven and result-orientated marketing and leasing strategies of subjected asset to venture, discover and close out well-constructed transaction package for our clients.
With an understanding of specific characteristics of the each regional market, our team of professionals develops marketing and leasing plans to ensure client’s objectives and goals of obtaining real estate asset.  By planning and implementing result-driven strategies and approaches to place credit-worthy tenants to ensure clients’ short and long term hold of the assets for the assured and continued value enhancement of the portfolio. 
Our Brokerage Services include. 

Project Leasing Analysis and Planning
Development of Positioning Strategies
Creating Marketing Materials
Structuring and Executing Due Diligence
Appraisal and Financial Analysis


The fundamentals of the successful development depends on the assembly of a superior team that can effectively plan and execute the overall plan from site selection through occupancy and ultimately the implementation of the long term objectives of the Owner. JK Schumann’s development division schedules and executes the development and repositioning of client’s real estate portfolio. Our goal is to maximize the value of the investment to benefit both the ownership and ultimate user. Our service approach’s highest priority is client input and involvement in every step of the process to release the client from the complexities and demands of the development management. A team of development management will deliver high-quality product on time and within budget. Our service of Development includes: - Site Assessment and Field Verification - Design and Consultant Team Assembly - Project Financing - Entitlement & Permit Approvals - Turnkey Management of the Development.

Asset Management

JK Schumann’s team of management delivers unmatched experience and results to owners and investors including institutional and private clients.  Our value-driven management programs and strategies expand beyond property management to maximize portfolio value through unique approach including leasing, marketing and operation management.
From the day-to-day operations of a single property level to a multi-million square foot portfolio, a devoted team of professionals strives to sustain the highest standard of operation and sound decision making process to maximize the efficiencies of the portfolio.
JK Schumann-managed assets consistently surpass client’s objectives with highest tenant satisfaction and high occupancy levels ultimately enhance the value of the assets – which is our ultimate mission.    
Our Property / Asset Management Service includes

Property Valuation and Business Planning
Vendor Contract Administration
Lease Administration
Tenant Relations and Retention
Preventative Maintenance and Quality Assurance
Accounting and Reporting
Engineering and Mechanical Service
Energy Conservation

Tenant Representation

Regardless the size of your business, JK Schumann’s Tenant Representation ensures the clear understanding of the Lease provisions between the Landlord and the client. From the locating the right space for the business needs to negotiation of the best possible rental rate and the lease terms, our team of professionals focuses on your success by fair and justified positioning of the tenant in the relationship with the Landlord that can be the most challenging process of the tenancy. Our efforts continue through entire duration of the tenancy with education of the lease provisions to the tenants, reviewing and auditing of the operating expenses and ultimately acting as a liaison between the Landlord and the Tenant to eliminate any miscommunications.