The mission of JK Schumann Company is to provide class-A service as investor, owner, developer and the manager of real estate asset. It’s our top priority not only to generate revenue from the vested assets but also provide risk-minimized returns while actively engaging with the local communities operated by us as a responsible member.

Main focus of JK Schuman’s investment philosophy does not limit ourselves by the size of the investment assets or economic condition. From a group of small apartment units to a group of portfolio comprised of trophy class assets, JK Schuman invests and operates diversified investment portfolios and customized strategy to take advantage of unique market position when economy is favorable and shelter and protect the value of the asset when it takes down turn.

It’s our belief that each investment opportunity and each day of operation of the real estate asset requires result oriented mind in its origination and diligence capabilities. In each platform of different class of assets, JK Schuman’s goal is not limited in developing and operating in the basis of proactive, sustainable and advanced real estate investment opportunities but ultimately enriching each community that we invest in.